Dr. Alford is a native of Vicksburg, MS and is an Assistant Professor of Fishery Conservation and Management in the Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries at the University of Tennessee. His lab focuses on five research areas, including 1) restoration of native aquatic fauna to the Pigeon River in Tennessee and North Carolina, 2) population ecology, habitat mapping, and diet of the federally threatened Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the Tennessee and Cumberland River systems, 3) assessing land use impacts on fish and benthic invertebrate community structure, 4) conservation of imperiled mussel fauna in Tennessee  5) developing a low-cost, indoor tilapia aquaculture system to enhance urban and rural sustainability.

B.S., The University of Southern Mississippi, 1997 | M.S., The University of Southern Mississippi, 2005 | Ph.D., Mississippi State University, 2008

Learn about the Pigeon River Recovery Project!
Learn about Lake Sturgeon Restoration in the Tennessee River
Dr. Alford takes a UT Stream Ecology class into the field to learn about the importance of riparian buffers to stream ecosytems
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